COMMON PROBLEMSIN CHARLOTTEWATER QUALITYAre In-bottle Filters in Water Bottles Any Good?

July 21, 2022

Clean, safe water is the most important thing we consume. It’s easy to take for granted most of the time. Clean water is critical though. Dirty, contaminated water, or no source of clean water, would cause health problems in a relatively short amount of time. Consistent, clean water is a must. For whatever situation you might need dependable, portable water filtration, are in-bottle filters in water bottles any good? Are they reliable and functional?

Whether you’re a germaphobe, an outdoor sports lover, thinking of an emergency or just like carrying a water bottle around your normal day, you’d be doing more harm than good with an unsanitary or contaminated bottle. What should you be looking for with a filtering water bottle? Here are the positive benefits of one of the many products out there today.

How Filtering Water Bottles Work

Most of the well-known in-bottle filter models have quite similar ways they work. Think of a filtering water bottle as a smaller, portable water treatment plant. It’s a much larger filtering system just scaled down to handsize, and for a relative small amount of water at a time.

Most products use a carbon filter system to filter out particulates and contaminants. These filters remove common contaminants in water such as chlorine, metals and bacteria. The taste and smell of the water is improved as well.

One way filtering bottles may differ is exactly at what point pollutants are filtered out. While some filters will sanitize water immediately as it goes into the bottle, some work as you drink from the bottle. One method isn’t better than the other.

More on Clean, Drinkable Water

About 2.5% of Earth’s water is fresh, meaning it is more likely considered safe for consumption. Then, only 1% of that amount is easily accessible.

If you’re outside, hopefully just on an activity of your choosing and not some serious problem, and need water, it makes sense you will not typically come across drinkable, safe water.

If you’re equipped with a filtering water bottle, it would be a simple, fast way to stay hydrated and stay healthy. This is the importance of filtered water bottles. They actually have the possibility to help save lives.

While you may never find yourself in that specific circumstance and we don’t have to be that extreme or dire, filtering bottles can still be very practical and beneficial on a daily basis. Other exercises, sports or activities mean we should be drinking more, healthier water.

Also in the house, a filtering system bottle can be helpful. If you are dissatisfied with the taste or quality of your tap or well water, you can use a simple bottle filter to make it better easily.

Advantages of Water Bottles with Filters

The popularity of water bottles with filters is growing because of their numerous advantages. Many people are beginning to like and recommend these products to everybody. Here are some benefits of bottles with filters.

Cost – Nowadays, we often tend to buy a lot of bottled water. We’re out and about during the day, like the taste, don’t like the tap water – even if it’s safe – or any other reason. If we think about how much we spend buying water, we would see it is a lot. Having a water bottle with a filter is an alternative to save money. Because this kind of container has its own filter, we can safely drink tap water. It will limit or stop us from buying bottled water. This is one big benefit of using water bottles with filters.

Environment – Plastic water bottles constantly wind up in landfills that have a huge effect on the environment since it takes an extremely long time for plastic to break down. Likewise, it takes a large quantity of energy to make bottles, transport them and transport the garbage. Having a refillable water bottle with a built-in filter is environmentally friendly and more effective to use. This is a good option to help save the environment.

Simple – Isn’t it convenient to have a ready-to-go, portable bottle you can have anywhere you are? You use any faucet water and know you are drinking safe water. Ease is one benefit of a water bottle filter. You can utilize a bottle with a filter when you are away and traveling to locations where drinkable water is scarce and far from convenience stores. It is easy to use and have peace of mind you’ll have clean water.

Better than water disinfection tablets – There are the disinfection tablets for water that are capable of disinfecting water. They are small and relatively easy to use. You place the tablet in the water, but it typically takes a number of hours for it to dissolve and get to the point so you can use the water. Also, when you do not have tablets on hand, it’ll be hard to find a store which has them available. So, it’s usually more practical to have a bottle filter available.

Easier, safer than boiling – It’s possible to eliminate damaging germs by boiling water. This is one of the definite all-natural methods of disinfecting water, making it safe to consume. However, boiling water takes a lot of time, expertise and equipment. Either you are at home, or outside and in the wilderness; boiling water just takes time and could be difficult without the right experience and gear. This is where water bottle filters end up being convenient. There’s no need to start a fire and boil water. With a water bottle filter, you can just put water in it and it’s ready to drink.


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