COMMON PROBLEMSIN CHARLOTTEWATER QUALITYAvoiding the Dangers of Refrigerator Water Filters

July 11, 2022

If you use your refrigerator as a source for water and it has a filter, that’s good until it’s an old filter. You should know a water filter in a refrigerator, just like any filter, can become worn and dirty. This leads to the water not being as clean and as safe as you are counting on and it can cause many problems.

It’s not an insignificant problem. As a matter of fact, the faster you swap out the old filter, the better. It’s easy to ignore or forget, but a filter for the water from a refrigerator is only clean and healthy if you stay up to date with it. What issues to you need to avoid with refrigerator water filters?

Problems From Not Changing a Filter

The Refrigerator Fails

By letting a refrigerator water filter get dirty and fail, you let a number of different chemicals, bacteria and contaminants in. This can be in the water you’re consuming. It can also be for the whole refrigerator.

An old, dirty filter will stop preventing chemicals or deposits from being in the water supply and ice machine. This can harm the function of the whole appliance. Over time, there could be a slow water flow and leaks into other areas of the fridge and freezer.

Bad Tasting, Smelling Water

An obvious function of a water filter is to give clean, safe drinking water. It is supposed to remove particulates and contaminants which lead to bad taste and odors. If you do not change the filter, your water will have a sulfuric or metallic taste to it.

In order to guarantee you get the most effective filtering and cleanest water out of the refrigerator, you have to use a high quality filter and make certain to put a new, clean filter in on the right schedule. Not only will you get great tasting water, but having great, fresh water encourages better hydration which is healthier for you and your family.

Specific Dangers

There are the general, main problems that can arise from not changing the water filter in a refrigerator. Then, there are specific issues which are more likely with a filter which isn’t filtering any longer, or is dirty and doing more harm than good. Since we have covered the basic problems that develop with not changing a water filter, we can look at the detailed issues, many of which are about health. A water filter removes odor, impurities and chemicals. In order to do this, it uses a combination of carbon filtering and sediment.

The water that reaches your fridge takes a very long trip to the destination of the water dispenser you use. As it’s going through the trip, it can be in contact with pipes of different qualities, sewage, waste, runoff, natural matter, medicines and chemicals. In order to stop these different contaminants from being in your drinking water, a high quality filter will eliminate volatile natural compounds, lead, chlorine and much more. If you do not change the filter routinely, numerous problems can happen, which is a danger to you and your family.

Avoiding the Dangers of Refrigerator Water Filters
A filter for the water from a refrigerator is only clean and healthy if you stay up to date with it.

Lead has debilitating effects on the brain, heart, kidneys and ears. Your water supply must not have any quantity or level of lead. A quality filter and clean water is vital to health simply because of being careful about the presence of lead.


When a filter becomes too old and worn, it will no longer have the ability to filter out the carbon in the water. Thus, carbon will get in the water in high amounts, which is bad for your health.


As a filter wears down, it won’t be able to stop bacteria from entering your drinking water. As bacteria grows, it increases extremely fast, especially if the carbon level is currently high. If there is a high bacterial quantity or specific harmful microorganisms, you can get extremely sick. This could lead to wide range of health problems, beginning with stomach problems, flu symptoms, and many more symptoms.


Chlorine is an important decontaminant for water in public treatment systems. At high levels though, it isn’t safe. It can create a pool-like taste and smell in your water.

A filter will remove chlorine, unless the filter is not longer functioning. The scent and taste of chlorine might be a sign about the age of the filter. Chlorine can cause a burning throat, stomach pain and other ill symptoms.


Volatile organic compounds consist of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Each one of these can enter your water supply when traveling from the supplier.


Mercury harms the kidneys, brain and unborn children in pregnant women. In general, mercury must be removed completely from water. Any quantity of it can cause injuries and illnesses. A filter will make sure to remove it entirely.


Asbestos, a product largely located in insulation in building and construction, can enter water in numerous ways. Asbestos can frequently be accompanied by contamination, corroding pipes and industrial waste. Asbestos has considerable destructive results on the respiratory system.

Changing the Filter

It’s great to have a refrigerator water filter. But how well it works depends a lot on your upkeep. How often it needs to be changed depends on the model and your usage of it. The water quality is also part of how often it should be replaced.

If you look up the website of your refrigerator manufacturer, it generally has information and recommendations for filters and the proper changing schedule. For example, it’s fairly normal for a filter to last 3-6 months. If you use more or less water, this range may change. Since you understand the importance of not forgetting the refrigerator water filter, you’ll stay up to date when it comes time to switch out your filter.


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