COMMON PROBLEMSIN CHARLOTTEWATER QUALITYDo You Need a Water Softener with Reverse Osmosis?

July 7, 2022

Water with high mineral content such as magnesium and calcium is hard water. The more dissolved minerals the water containx, the harder it is. While it’s generally safe to drink it, hard water can result in expensive problems around your house. Hard water can block fixture aerators, shower heads and cause other plumbing concerns.

You very well could have hard water when there is chalk buildup in your plumbing fixtures or when you have low water pressure. Various other signs include dishes with deposit on them, or your water tastes unusual or different. The very best way to soften hard water is by setting up a water softener and a reverse osmosis system for your home water supply.

Water Softeners vs. Reverse Osmosis

A water softener solves the hardness in your water by removing certain minerals. It uses ion exchange to exchange calcium and “hard” minerals with other minerals like potassium or sodium.

By mounting a water conditioner, you obtain high quality water in your home, with other benefits being clean dishes and better baths and showers.

Advantages of Water Softeners

Healthier Skin

If you have constantly had hard water, it is likely that you’re accustomed to the feeling of dry skin and using other products to keep your skin soft. The reason for your drier skin is the dissolved minerals found in hard water. When these minerals are removed, you’ll see that your skin will end up being softer and look healthier.

Stronger and Shinier Hair

Soft water doesn’t only do wonders to your skin but also for your hair. Washing with hard water may give you fragile and broken hair. You can eliminate this trouble by softening your home’s water.

Save Money

Mineral build-up is not good for a water heater. When there is mineral buildup, your heating system needs to work hard. As a result, it will burn more power. More energy means higher utility bills. Install a water softener to remove mineral accumulation in your water heater. Then, in the long run, it’ll save money on the probable lifespan of the heater and plumbing overall in your house.

Hard water is additionally bad for devices such as coffee makers, laundry appliances, and dishwashers. The scale buildup may reduce their performance and reduce their lifespan.

Save Time

With hard water, it might take you longer to clean dishes or wash laundry as the minerals do not work well with soap and detergent. By softening the water, you shorten cleaning time. You can save more money, as you make use less detergents or other products.

What to Know about Reverse Osmosis

An RO or reverse osmosis system filters your water and eliminates lightweight aluminum, copper, chromium, nitrates, chlorides and mulitple other unwanted contaminants. It can remove solids that your water softener cannot. The very fine membrane filter lets only water molecules flow through, filtering out anything larger.

Benefits of Setting Up an RO System

The Environment

Some homeowners who do not like their tap water buy a lot of bottled water. Buying bottled water all the time contributes to more than 10 million tons of plastic that end up in the trash each year. You can help the environment by setting up an RO system and minimizing your use of bottled water.

Cost Efficient

Envision how much money you’ll save by buying no bottled water. With a reverse osmosis system, you have access to safe, clean, perfect water all the time. You can save money and time. There is no need to drive to the store for bottled water.

Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis: Which is Better?

Reverse osmosis gets rid of liquified solids, both inorganic and organic matter, from water. However, if it’s filtering hard water, the RO system will wear faster. You may need to do more upkeep and if it gets to the point of replacement, it could be an expensive problem.

For the best efficiency, consider setting up a water softener system and reverse osmosis system. By filtering soft water, your RO system will function at its peak. It will be more economical in the long run.

For homeowners with other water troubles such as having a strange taste in the water, you may need to use other filtration systems.

Why You Might Need Both

Water softeners can get rid of specific minerals in hard water however it doesn’t eliminate all the contaminants. By setting up a water softener and an RO system, you soften the water in addition to filtering virtually 100% of particulates and contaminants, giving you clean drinking water.

You Get the Best Drinking Water

Do You Need a Water Softener with Reverse Osmosis?
If you’re simply thinking about the best tasting water, especially on 90-plus degree summer days here in Charlotte and the Carolinas, this solution will provide all you need.

The water softener will get rid of certain minerals in the tough water while the RO system removes the remainder of the impurities that might trigger some significant health concerns. These consist of PFAS, chemicals, sulfates, and more.

If you’re simply thinking about the best tasting water, especially on 90-plus degree summer days here in Charlotte and the Carolinas, this solution will provide all you need. The best idea is to utilize a water softener and an RO system. Make sure you work with experts so you have a simple, dependable setup of both systems.

Maintaining Both Systems

While these two can supply your family with excellent water for all the important uses you need it for, it’s important to know about upkeep and maintenance.

For water softeners, you will need to check and refill the brine container about once a month. You should learn how to clean the brine tank and know about the quality of the salt the system needs. Keep an eye out for a layer of crust or salt accumulating inside as that will change the softener’s effectiveness. If you do not know how to take care of an issue, call a technician.

With an RO system, make sure you change the filters each year and the RO membrane about every five years, for you to get clean water regularly. Drain your tank every two weeks so the water stays fresh.


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