WATER QUALITYDoes Filtered Water Affect How Your Coffee Tastes?

March 30, 2022

Why does coffee at home usually come out different than coffee from a café, a coffee shop or even one of the main big-box coffee places? There could be lots of reasons, including the water you’re using. You can change the coffee grind, change the amount of coffee, change what you put in the coffee. Coffee is 98-99% water. So the water you use, tap water, filtered water, bottled water, hard water, soft water, cold water, room temp water, it’s going to be the biggest factor. Poor water will affect the coffee quality and taste. Does filtered water affect how your coffee tastes?

How Much Does Water Matter in Coffee?

Coffee is really just water plus coffee beans, and it’s about 99% water. So, if the water starts out with bad tastes or smells, it can’t possibly turn out like you want. If the water has too many minerals or other particulates, the highest-quality coffee is going to taste off, maybe even different each time you make it. It’s good to keep in mind some minerals in water can be a good, wanted addition when you’re brewing coffee. This makes it easier to understand why a shop or restaurant can make better, more consistent coffee.

Filtered Water at Home

Filtered water will give you better water for any drinking, consuming or cooking. This includes cups of coffee.

There are lots of options for getting filtered water at home other than always buying filtered water. The easiest and least expensive way to filter tap water is with a simple water filter or purifier, such as a Brita filter pitcher. These filters remove a high percentage of minerals, especially magnesium and calcium. It will help the water quality and how good it is to drink. When you’re thinking off coffee taste, start with, is the water nice to drink on its own?

Filters which install onto a faucet might be a better upgraded option. It’ll be more convenient. Many refrigerators now have filtration built into their water dispensers. These options are typically positives for better water leading to better coffee.

A whole house water filtration system will give you clean water for all the purposes in your home. It’s the best option for low-maintenance, consistency, efficiency and cost savings over the long run compared to always buying filter replacements or bottled water.

Bottled Water

You might pick bottled water because you like it, and that’s fine and can certainly help with better tasting coffee. This is expensive over time, though. If you’re going with bottled water, reusable water containers is a good, less expensive option. Spring water is actually the preferred pick of the Specialty Coffee Association’s water quality standards for high-quality coffee. Yes, there is such a thing as the Specialty Coffee Association.

Reverse Osmosis Water, Distilled Water

There is such a thing as removing too much from water, and then getting poor coffee. Reverse osmosis or distillation removes all minerals and dissolved solids from water. Brewing coffee with this water might give you bland, dull coffee because the coffee solids have nothing in the water to interact with.

Hard Water for Coffee

Hard water tends to have a high ratio of minerals. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium can stick to coffee, tea or other solids you put into the water. For coffee, this can come out stronger or actually more caffeinated. Hard water can also have more bicarbonates. This may make coffee more bitter tasting.

Hard water might be the side to error on compared to soft water, and definitely compared to distilled or reverse osmosis water. You want some level of minerals in water, but not so much it’s changing the taste or smell of the water, and therefore your coffee.

Know More About Your Water

This is good info for a lot more than just coffee. For public safety and information, municipalities in the United States must provide public information about water quality. You have the right to access this information about your water. You can find a lot of important data about the water coming into your home for your family.

One way of finding it is to use Google, and search for your town or city name plus “water report.” You can also go to https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/ and enter your zip code. You can find your local public water report. It’s interesting to see what you can learn.

Another option is to test your home tap water yourself. One easy test is a pH test. You can find pH strips and kits at any hardware or big box store. You can get a water test kit for a pool or any other water source

Does Filtered Water Affect How Your Coffee Tastes?
Filtered water will give you better water for any drinking, consuming or cooking. This includes cups of coffee.

and get even more specific information.

All of this info might help with your water quality and steps you want to take about filtration or your water system, and your morning coffee, too.

Filtered Water is Great for Great Coffee

Brewing coffee at home should be enjoyable and easy, especially if it’s first thing in the morning. It can actually be a bit of a money saver vs. stopping somewhere for coffee every day. You shouldn’t have to get poor taste just because of your home water quality. Making coffee with filtered water will give you better tasting results very consistently. You’ll like coffee at home even more now!


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