August 15, 2022

It’s the middle of August which means heat as well as higher energy expenses on average. Here are some easy pointers on how to remain comfortable while saving money on your energy bills this month.


Clean or change your air filter. With the climbing August temperatures, AC ends up being a needed break from the heat and humidity. Make certain your air conditioning is performing at its optimum efficiency by cleaning or changing the air filter. This can likewise assist prevent your AC from breaking down in the future.

Keep it Closed

Make sure that outside windows and doors are closed securely. You want to have cool AC but you additionally do not wish to cool the whole outdoors. When you have your AC running, be sure to close your outside doors and windows that lead to the outside. Also see to it that there are no spaces around your doors that bring drafts as the cool air can easily escape them. Cooling the outdoors makes your air conditioning run more, raising your electrical energy costs in the process.

You can also close extra air vents. With central air conditioning, closing extra vents in spaces that you do not go in often is a tip. You should only pay for cooling in spaces that you are using.


Using fans is always an energy saver. If the temperature level is manageable outside, turn off the air conditioning system and turn on floor and ceiling fans. This will certainly help you lower your summer electric bill as a ceiling fan uses less power than a routine light bulb.

Making Shade

Put up and remember to use curtains, blinds or drapes. It’s not only décor, this extra shade will cool your home from the sunlight’s heat and will help limit your AC usage.

If you keep in mind to shut your drapes and blinds during hottest, brightest time of the day it keeps sunlight’s warmth out. The AC system won’t run as much, or as much into the evening trying to return to a lower temperature.

Shade your windows throughout the daytime. The light from the sunlight can warm up a room quickly. That’s a good thing in the winter yet a power suck in the summer. Think about home window treatments that shade the solar heat while allowing light to come into a room when that’s what you want.

Temperature Settings

Set it for the season. Set thermostats to 78 degrees and utilize fans to maintain a cooler feeling inside. For every one degree higher you keep your thermostat, you can see approximately a 3-4% reduction in power usage.

If you’re generally comfy at 75 degrees after that set the temperature level to 78-82 degrees. If you have ceiling fans in your house, use them. You will likely feel cooler with the fans moving air around then you would feel in stationary air. You will likewise utilize much less electrical energy than you would if making use of the AC system alone.

Appliances and Devices

You can have phantom energy loss. You can also stop or limit this phantom. Disconnect your digital tools when not in use and/or use smart power strips. Take into consideration energy-saving settings, which are frequently offered on newer tools and home appliances.

Manage your spin cycle: When cleaning clothes, attempt to wash and dry full loads of laundry only, as well as using cold water as much as possible.

Cool down the kitchen. Use your oven sparingly in the hottest times of the year. Think about food preparation options such as the microwave, slow cookers and grills.

Fill the fridge. Solids and liquids are more efficient to cool than air. Even storing jugs of water in a refrigerator is better than empty space, with the refrigerator still running to cool, well, nothing. Try to keep your refrigerator set to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer for ideal performance.

Operate major home appliances at night. Dishwashers and laundry machines create heat and use a major amount of energy. It is best to run these devices when the outdoor temperature is cooler. Set your dishwasher to an “air dry” setting if you have it. This will keep your kitchen cooler. You may line dry your laundry when possible.

Planting Ideas

Plant extra trees around the house. This has multiple positives. Trees offer shade which will keep your home cooler on the inside. Plant the shade trees on the south and west sides of the house. This will certainly shade the warmest angles of the sunlight during the day. A nicer yard has potential benefits to lifestyle, property value, wildlife and the environment, too.

AC and HVAC Maintenance

If your AC or whole HVAC system is getting old, consider if it’s time for a replacement. This is a big monetary investment at first, however over time, an air conditioning replacement will be a smart financial investment as you will minimize your energy bill in addition to repair and maintenance costs.

Make sure your house is appropriately, professionally insulated and sealed. If your home windows are in poor condition, you’ll want to take into consideration changing them with double-pane home windows. Check your entire home’s insulation and replace it where it’s needed.

Have your air conditioning unit expertly serviced and checked once a year or as recommended. AC upkeep solutions will help your AC run more efficiently, saving you money on your energy costs in the long run and on a monthly basis.


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