COMMON PROBLEMSIN CHARLOTTEWATER QUALITYIs Drinking Room Temperature Water Better than Ice Water?

May 31, 2022

It’s important, vital even, to drink enough water. We need water to function. It’s recommended a person drinks 2-3 liters of water a day to remain properly hydrated. Some might think that’s only if you’re exercising, working physically or out in a summer day, especially a hot, humid day in or around Charlotte. But drinking that much water is good for anyone and everyone. This brings up the preference, or is it more than that, about if room temperature water or ice cold water is better. Are there real reasons to choose one over the other?

There are some myths and some facts. It can be a little difficult to remember. Overall, the main benefits of drinking enough water and staying hydrated in a healthy way are far more important than temperature or simply, what you like. Still, there are a few tips you might want to keep in mind about room temperature water versus ice water.

When is Room Temperature Water Better For You?

When water is at room temperature level, it affects your body differently than when it’s cold. There are some times when it will do you a little extra good to drink cool or room temp water.

Better Digestion

There’s very little truth to the idea of ice cold water making your body burn calories and lose weight. It’s about 5-8 calories your body uses up per glass of ice water.

However, in an indirect way, room temperature water can help you digest foods easier. If you eat a big, rich meal, and you feel your stomach is needing some help, water helps, um, move stuff along. Room temperature water is slightly better at helping your body break down food.

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Faster Metabolism

Similarly, it’s possible to aid your metabolism by staying hydrated with water. Any temperature is good. And water is far better than most other drink choices.

Room temperature water or water that’s closer to the outdoor temperature is better for rehydration. With cold water, people tend to drink it, feel better, then stop drinking before drinking enough.

Feeling Ill

For sinus congestion, colds, flus and similar nasty feelings, room temperature, warm or even hot water (or tea) can help your internal clogs get freed up. If you’re feeling congested, try this to have better breathing and spells of better sleep. Longer and deeper sleep is one of the most effective ways to get over an illness faster. By contrast, drinking ice water might make you feel worse by enlarging nasal mucus.

When is Cold Water Better?

Cold water or ice water impacts your body in some ways. Therefore, it can give some specific benefits, especially in some different situations. When or with what activities should you pick cold water?

Exercise or Physical Work

When you exercise, the body temperature goes up. This naturally causes fatigue. It’s a normal reaction for your body to respond by wanting to slow down or stop the exertion. Drinking cold water brings the core temperature down. Along with the rehydration when you need it, this is why cold water is rejuvenating. It’s helping reset your body to feeling ready to go again. Staying hydrated with cold water helps continuing to play, exercise or work longer.

Replacing Sweat

When you’re sweating, it’s a sign of the body trying to cool itself. Drinking any water helps here. Cold water can work both ways here. You can drink cold water, feel better, and stop hydrating too soon. If you like cold water and it means you’ll want to drink more water while working, working out, being out in the heat or whatever you’ve got going on, then it’s a benefit.

More Energy

It’s recommended a person drinks 2-3 liters of water a day to remain properly hydrated. Cold water is proven to create adrenaline in our bodies. Adrenaline is a hormone which makes us more alert. It’s natural energy our body is supposed to have, unlike high amounts of caffeine, sugar and other unpronounceable ingredients.

If you’re in need of an afternoon jolt in the office, behind the wheel or at home, we should pick cold water. It’s an energy drink with no downsides.

What About Weight Loss?

Neither cold or room temperature water will – at least directly – help you lose weight. The calorie burn idea with cold water is technically, barely true, but not enough to make a noticeable difference.

The health benefits of drinking water may help you feel better, exercise more, stay hydrated and these may indirectly help with weight or other health factors. The most important takeaway is drinking the amount of water we need daily.

What Temperature is Warm or Cold Water?

If you are looking to get more precise definitions of room temperature, or cool, or cold water, it’s possible to be exact. If this is for personal preference, actually wanting to be so exact or just a bit of trivia, start with cool tap water. Water from a kitchen sink averages about 60 degrees. This can vary on your water system, the plumbing, the outside temperature and other factors.

From there, water left at room temperature depends on the room, but is generally about 78 degrees. Water in or from a refrigerator or with ice is about 40 degrees.

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