WATER QUALITYReasons to Buy a Whole Home Water Filter

March 3, 2022

Reasons to Buy a Whole Home Water Filter

Humans need water. It’s essential to, well, living. We use it for so much and clean, safe water is vital to our families and lives. Clean and healthy water is a must. What we might not always know is what may be in water when it seems fine. There are a wide array of reasons to buy a whole home water filter.

Whether you have municipally provided water or have personal well water, your home’s water can have contaminants that adversely affect your health. Even if your water is free of contaminants, natural materials can damage plumbing or appliances in time. Water quality can also have a role in health issues, skin problems, your laundry and more categories you pay attention to everyday, but maybe not because of the water in your home.

Mounting a whole home water filter and purification system may well be a cost effective and healthy option to improve the water quality of your home. Not fully persuaded yet? Here are a bunch of benefits to buying and installing a whole home water filter.  a lot of benefits of setting up a water purification system in your house.

Safer, Better Drinking Water

Even with water from a safe source, it can still have some level of impurities. Water can still have lead, fluoride and chlorine. Studies show most water, tap or well, in the U.S. includes some level of contamination as a result of pollution. The only method of recognizing what’s in your water is by examining it. Setting up a water filtration system makes sure all the water you drink and use is cleaner, healthier and better tasting.

Better Baths and Showers

While drinking poor water can certainly impact your health, it can be unhealthy, too, to wash in it. Your body can soak up damaging contaminants through the skin. Chemicals like chlorine, even at a level which is regarded safe, can create skin irritability and dryness. A whole home filter system filters at the main point of entry where water enters your house. Whether you’re drinking a glass of water, bathing, or brushing your teeth, you’ll be getting pure, clean water.

Better for the Environment

If you drink a lot of bottled water, it means you’re spending a lot of money on bottled water. The cost to buy a whole home water filter will seem like a bargain pretty quickly.

Endless numbers of plastic bottles also end up harming the environment. Most of them go into landfills and take years and years to biodegrade. Installing a whole home water filter system will give you water which is great and safe to drink and cook with and you won’t be having a negative effect on the environment.

Health Reasons to Buy a Whole Home Water Filter

No Chemicals

Public water sources add chlorine, which is toxic, to the water supply because it’s an anti-bacterial. These chlorine levels are mandated within a secure range. However, the quantity of chlorine might vary from source to source. It would be better, no matter what, to filter out the chlorine.

Well water might include other chemicals, such as lead and arsenic. When you wash laundry in unfiltered water, chemicals pass from the water onto the clothes, sheets and towels.

No Pollutants

Municipal or well water can have other impurities, contaminants and pollutants, such as microorganisms, which can be unsafe for you and your family. Whole home water purification systems remove pollutants and bacteria from what you’ll drink and cook with.

Helping Your Immune System

Family and loved ones with compromised immune systems may be more susceptible to exposure or consumption of chlorine, other chemicals and other contaminants.

You’re Taking it In

You literally absorb the water in your home, in multiple ways. Human skin is very porous. Anything in your water, including bad stuff, is absorbed nine times better through your skin than in water you drink. When you wash your hands or face, or take a shower, you’re absorbing everything that’s in the water.

Sediment and Debris

Some water, even when it’s treated, can have some amount of sediment, dirt or rust in it. You don’t want to consume it or have it on your clothes, bed sheets and dishes. A whole home water filter eliminates all of this.

Minimize Asthma and Allergies

Using an whole home water filter can relieve the effects of asthma and allergic reactions. Cleaner water actually helps contribute to cleaner air within a home and a cleaner overall environment as clothes, bathrooms and appliances are all cleaner.

More Household and Plumbing Benefits

Cleaner Clothing

Reasons to Buy a Whole Home Water Filter
With a whole home water filter, you eliminate chlorine and contaminants from the water, including for laundry.

You will gets softer, brighter and longer lasting clothing, and everything that goes through the washing machine. With a whole home water filter, you eliminate the chlorine and other chemicals from the water, including for laundry. That means no pollutants or odors in the washing machine. The result is less toxins that stay, or get put into, garments. You’ll also get longer use and even better color from your clothes.

Cleaner Dishes

You’ll have less soap scum and residue on dishes, glasses and silverware whether you’re using a dishwasher or the sink. Getting rid of chlorine and minerals from the water used in dishwashing prevents vapors from being released into the air and reduces soap residue on dishes.

Better for your Plumbing

A home’s plumbing system can benefit from cleaner filtered water. Sediment, buildup, mineral deposits and chemicals can wear on pipes and parts over the course of years. This can make water dirtier from corroding parts over time. It may cost you a lot of money sooner than you’d expect.

Better Water Pressure

A whole home water filter system produces better water flow and pressure than with a reverse osmosis system.

Better than Other Water Filters

Going with a whole home system will give you a higher level of water purification and more benefits when compared with a standard type of water filter. Top-quality whole home water filters use multiple stages of filtering to remove virtually all water contaminants. The lifespan of a whole home water filtration system is longer than other filters.


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