WATER QUALITYTypes of Water Filters for Lead

September 13, 2022

Lead is toxic in water. Water with lead contamination is especially a risk to children and pregnant women. Children can have numerous diseases, disorders, nerve problems, brain disorders, growth problems and behaviors caused by lead consumption. Pregnant women can have increased likelihood of premature births and newborn children can have serious health problems. Lead is known to cause many health problems in all people of all ages. Other such problems are kidney diseases, hypertension, reproductive complications, amnesia, immune system disorders, nerve disorders and more.

While many of us might not realize the specific health effects of lead in water we consume, we all know it’s a serious problem if lead is present in a water supply. First, any amount of lead, even a very small trace, is a toxin. Next, consuming lead can cause health problems both short and long term. Lead is an important contaminant to take out of drinking water, so if you’re using water filtration already, or thinking about a filter, lead is one toxin to check. What are the best water filter choices when it comes to lead?

Different Kinds of Water Filters for Lead

  • Gravity Filters

Gravity filters are typically made of stainless steel. They can be placed on a counter. There are different sizes for different water use habits. They work with a carbon filter which is a great filter for removing lead, viruses, bacteria and more contaminants.

Gravity filters are versatile and effective because they can filter many contaminants out of water. They are a good safety measure to have during an emergency. They do not remove any salt from water. Another note is some of these brands need filter replacements often, especially if you’re using it constantly for drinking water and more uses.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters

There are actually two types of reverse osmosis systems to know about here. There are complete reverse osmosis systems and reverse osmosis systems.

Complete reverse osmosis is very thorough and efficient, but it is designed only for high-end, large volume filtration needs. They are not typically made for home use. These systems are expensive.

Reverse osmosis systems are much more home friendly and budget friendly. These are popular filtering systems for more and more people. Reverse osmosis removes lead. They can be easily installed under a sink or elsewhere in your plumbing. Reverse osmosis systems can filter out as much as 95% of lead from water. In addition, they can eliminate various other toxic substances, germs, viruses, particles and other pollutants.

The Best Water Filter for Lead
Different Kinds of Water Filters for Lead

One negative is these systems often use a high volume of water, higher than your typical home water usage. While impurities will be caught and contained by the system’s membrane layer, it then must be cleaned so it needs a continuous water supply.

  • Faucet Mounted Filters

Faucet mounted filters can have a specific lead filter. They are small and straightforward to use. Generally, you put the right filter on, however, this type if filter only works for the specific contaminants it’s meant for. It’s best to know what each type does. It’s also smart to know which makes and filters fit with certain faucet types.

  • Distilling Filters

Distillation is a very thorough way to purify water. It filters out lead and many other toxins, contaminants, particles and pollutants. The negatives are about speed and practicality. Distilling systems use a lot of energy and are slow for many usual uses. These can work for home uses if used only for certain situations. If you need multiple gallons of water at once, or in a fairly short period of time, this is not always a good option for frequent residential purposes.

Advantages of Using a Water Filter for Lead

  • Overall Safer Water

Most water filters which work for lead will also remove multiple other contaminants, metals and pollutants. You don’t want to worry about the tap water in your home. Another good effect is removing toxins and chemicals helps other important ways you use water such as dishwashing and laundry.

  • Better Taste Equals Healthier Habits

With a water filtration system for your drinking water, you’ll remove smells and funky tastes. So along with removing contaminants, you can encourage your family to drink more water.

  • Better Health

Drinking more water and cleaner water will avoid the potential health risks of lead and other contaminants. When thinking about this, the cost of picking the right water filtration system is a smart expense when considering the alternatives.

More to Consider

  • Water Tests

If you’re thinking about water filters for your home, you can get a water test first. This is a good step for a number of reasons. You will learn more overall, and about the specific needs to look for in a filter or system. You can get a water test from your local water company or municipal government. There are also home test kits for sale.

The lead level in water should be zero. There is no such thing as a safe level of lead in water meant for consumption.

  • Replacing a Filter

For a filter to keep filtering, it must be clean and in good condition. This means you’ll need to replace filters as scheduled in whatever device or system you choose. Before buying and using one, it’s good to know what to expect with replacing filters, how often you’ll need to and the budget you’ll need to get new filters. Some systems can go six months between replacements. Some can go only a couple weeks. Many systems’ needs differ if the water usage is higher or lower in your home.

  • Installation

For many water filtering devices, such as faucet mounted filters or water pitchers, the set-up is simple. For some systems, such as reverse osmosis, you might need a professional for installation and some initial instruction. Whole house filtration systems or distillation systems likely go in the “need a pro” category.


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